The logo for Lebanese Heritage Month Nova Scotia symbolizes the union that Lebanese Nova Scotians share between our province of Nova Scotia, and our ancestral country of Lebanon.

A red ring surrounding the green cedar of Lebanon that takes the shape of Nova Scotia on a white background. The red and white colours embody the mutual colours used in both the Canadian and Lebanese flags.

The Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) is the official symbol of Lebanon that represents holiness, eternity and longevity. In Psalms 92:12 it is said that  “The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow strong like a cedar in Lebanon”.

The significant contributions of Lebanese Nova Scotians to the cultural, economic, religious and political landscape have flourished our province. Their vision, work ethic, faith, community and family ties are strong and deep like the roots of a Lebanese cedar.

The cedar’s roots extend out to take shape of the province of Nova Scotia – symbolizing the stretch of our province’s Lebanese diaspora from Yarmouth to Cape Breton Island. Roots serve as anchors - gripping tightly and deeply into the soil. They form a union with the Earth, drawing from her various nutrients and the water that surrounds us and carried our ancestors here. 

The depth of these roots is not only to our patriotism to our land and ancestors in Lebanon, but in patriotism to our country and home province of Nova Scotia.